To India we go!

After many months, 11 to be precise, we are finally here.  It took so much planning, so much of our time and lots of ‘ourselves’ that is exciting.  We had a beautiful trip. Portland to Delhi via Amsterdam.  We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect trip. Here we go!

Five suitcases in all for five months. I’m sure we brought more than enough.

From Portland to Delhi via Amsterdam. It was a little over 10-hour flight and a beautiful flight.  We slept some. Played some. Watched a movie. Read some.  But mostly, enjoyed ourselves.

As we were waiting in the airport in Portland, we wanted to see if we could say goodbye on Skype to the grandparents, but we found no one.  But we did find Niharika and Karitkay and Shantanu.  And what a great way to start our journey to India.  From a family so familiar to what is completely new to us.  It was a perfect farewell.

The flight was beautiful.  We picked through the windows few times and from mostly hours of sunshine we saw the sunset.  It seemed,  since we were chasing the sun, with the sun in the horizon most of time, it felt that the time had stopped.  We had a red sunset and sunrise for a long time (mostly while crossing the Atlantic) until we arrived in Amsterdam early the next day in the morning.  A beautiful view, a beautiful beginning  to an adventure we will never forget.

Europe for the first time for Siena and Lucas.

We have landed in Delhi, after almost 24 hours of traveling.

Everyone very tired.  But we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect traveling experience.  We are up to a great start!

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2 Responses to To India we go!

  1. Glenda Miller says:

    Thanks for sharing your arrival! Great to SEE you there!


    PS. Runt says MEOW. He’s good.

    • Thanks for reading my blog Glendie. It’s amazing here and can’t wait to share more details. Lots of fun and beautiful sights… even in our 10-minute walk to the school. I can’t believe we are really in India. It all seems like a dream (a ‘very hot’ dream! :-)

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