in Chile : My Mom and her Art

My mom taught me to knit, to crochet, and to do lots of things.  She’s always been so crafty and always doing hand work.  So many cool and beautiful things.   All the time, since my brothers and I were little.  Knitted skirts, sweaters, cardigans, hats, gloves.  Crocheted accents to towels and sheets, and curtains, and shirts.  Sewn pants, dresses, skirts.  Homemade ketchup, canned peaches, fermented pickles, apple sauce, jam, cookies, cakes. Embroidered doilies, sheets, kitchen towels.

And now, her latest hand work, needle work. Crewel.   After a life of working and making she had her work in an exhibition at “Centro Cultural El Austral” an art gallery in Valdivia.

Look at her work.

Photo by Emilio. Photo by Emilio.

I couldn’t be there to see it in person.  But have seen all these beautiful pieces all over our homes.  Gracias Mamá.

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