in Chile : Pucón and its flowers

In search of ‘spring’ here in the Pacific Northwest (it feels and looks like winter still) I’m sharing with you these flowers.  So beautifully made.

Pucón is a small town close to Villarrica.  It’s on the east side of the lake. “Towards Argentina”.  In the native language, Mapudungun, it means “entrance to the mountains.” Which is exactly what it is.  The Andes Mountains are right there, you can see them from all over town.  Huge, tall mountains hovering over anywhere you look.  A beautiful view.

These are wooden flowers.  They are typical of Pucón. They are hand carved from sticks and they look beautiful with all the colors.

Any color you can imagine.

Any shape. Hand carved.

So beautiful and perfect.

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5 Responses to in Chile : Pucón and its flowers

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  2. Peter says:

    My wife and I spent a beautiful vacation in Pucon on the Lake and came home with assorted wooden flowers which we enjoyed for several years..they faded though (like us) and would like to order a fresh batch as a gift to someone dear to us. Can anyone help? (NY)

    • Hi Peter.
      I don’t really know if you can have someone mail them to you, or how they’d arrive. You might see if you know of someone going and bring some back. Not the same than picking them up yourselves, though :-) And I know what you mean. We had some flowers from before that have faded as well and forgot to pick up some this time, so I don’t even have any to share with you. Good luck in your search and who knows! Maybe it might make you go back to that beautiful area.

  3. allison sullivan says:

    It is now 2013 so you may not be interested in the flowers any more. You can order them from a web site called comparte. Look under wooden flowers the artist is Domingo Rubular. I think you can order them from the web site. My name is Allison Sullivan. I live in Lancaster County Pa. I have a market stand in Lancaster City selling flowers. I order Domingo Rubulars flowers about once a year to sell. It is very hard to get them through customs and expensive to ship them but they are the same flowers in the pictures you have posted.

    • Hi Allison.
      Thank you so much for the information. I love looking at them, and I still have some from many trips and gifts my parents have brought with them. But seeing them all like that, outside in such a big bunches, and the colors and shapes….. it’s just amazing… aren’t they?
      Thank you again. I’m glad you have them here to share and enjoy. Such a beautiful work. Thanks!

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